Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why are there so many false converts in our churches? Because messages like this are propagated in pulpits and children's ministries throughout our country.

Can we please get back to preaching the Gospel and not some man-made, man-centered, wishy washy 'ask Jesus into your heart because He's standing at the door and knocking' nonsense.

HT: Lawman Chronicles


Noiz said...

Ok, Ive yelled at the TV during football games and stuff, but this will be the first time ive yelled at my computer screen during so called preaching! Im not even sure I was this angry at Todd Bentley?

I am so fearful for the generations to come. We can see now the damage this sort of preaching has done already. I can only imagine it getting worse before it gets better!

Joseph A. said...

I am wary of vain repetitions like the ones used by this woman.