Friday, May 02, 2008

Think about it

I came across this story on CNN. Basically, the story is about the top ten things your body can do after you die. Here are the top ten without the explanations behind them (Click on the link to see that):

1. Get married

2. Unwind with a few friends

3. Tour the globe as a scandalous work of art

4. Fuel a city

5. Get sold, chop shop-style

6. Become a Soviet tourist attraction

7. Snuggle up with your stalker

8. Don't spread an epidemic

9. Stand trial

10. Stave off freezer burn

After reading the explanations behind the top ten things your body can do after you die, my mind was instantly thinking evangelism! Well, evangelism is just about all that's ever on my mind anyway.......

I was thinking about Mark Cahill's book, "The one thing you can't do in Heaven". There may very well indeed be a lot more than ten things your body can do after you die, but the one thing it won't be able to do is talk to someone about the things of God.

Think about it Christian, the moment you step into that glorious eternity to be with our Lord and meet Him face to face, you will gain so much the mind cannot comprehend it right now. Have you ever thought about the one precious thing you will lose once you enter Heaven?

You will lose the ability to stand face to face with a complete stranger, a cherished loved one, a co-worker, a teacher, a student, or anyone else for that matter, and witness the Gospel to that person.

The moment you, Christian, step out into eternity to shine in the light of the glory of God, you will have lost the opportunity forever to share the Good News.

Next time you're standing in line at the supermarket, the next time your waiting to get your hair cut, the next time your at the ball game, the next time your just out and about, witness to someone.

It may be the last opportunity you will ever have; it may also be that persons last chance to hear it as well.

Don't take the risk!


Joseph A. said...

I don't understand. How can you do any of those things in the list after you die?

Chris Kratzer said...

I think at times we put too much emphasis on spiritual gifts and not enough on calling. What's the saying, "God doesn't call the gifted, he gifts the called." We are all called to evangelize, and when we follow that call, God will gift us for every good work. Personality type is no excuse, if you aren't fishing, you aren't following.