Friday, May 23, 2008

Spurgeon on the Ten Commandments

"All the Ten Commandments, like ten great pieces of cannon, are pointed at thee to-day, for thou hast broken all God’s statutes, and lived in the daily neglect of all His commands."

"The Ten Commands surround us on all sides, and encompass all the movements of body, soul, and spirit, comprising under their jurisdiction the whole range of moral action; they hold us under fire from all points, and nowhere are we out of range."

"I find it sometimes profitable to myself to read the Ten Commandments, and to think over my sins against each one of them. What a list it is, and how it humbles you in the dust to read it over!"

"Read the Ten Commandments, and pause at each one, and confess that you have broken it either in thought, or word, or deed. Remember that by a glance we may commit adultery, by a thought we may be guilty of murder, by a desire we may steal."

"The law of the ten commandments is strictly just; it is such a law as a man might make for himself if he studied his own best interests, and had wisdom enough to frame it aright. It is a perfect law, in which the interests of God and man are both studied; it is not a partial law, but impartial, complete, and covering all the circumstances of life. You could not take away one command out of the ten without spoiling both tables of the law, and you could not add another command without being guilty of making a superfluity. The law is holy, and just, and good; it is like the God who made it, it is a perfect law."

Praise God for the perfect Law which leads us to the cross at Calvary!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand what all the quotes are about.......

No one can obey the ten commandments......inpossible. According to this everyone goes to hell......right?

Joseph A. said...

The Ten Commandments reveal to us that we are not perfect as God is perfect. In fact, we aren't even close. The law ultimately points to the Savior Jesus Christ, in whom God became a man in the flesh, lived a sinless life, and sacrificed himself on the Cross and rose again in order to pay for the eternal debt of which we could never pay ourselves.

The Lord gave Adam and Eve the absolutely perfect and utterly astounding Garden of Eden, and basically every good thing in all its purity that mankind has ever encountered in this reality, and yet by their own free will, they sinned against him nonetheless. Mankind later on became more wicked than any of us can truly imagine to its entirety. God is fully just in condemning each and every one of us.

But let us look toward the Cross! His mercy is absolutely overwhelming! The Lord through Jesus Christ is the only one that could save us and provide us a way to Him in Heaven.

Denying the ultimate sacrifice of His Son is the most wicked offense a human being can commit against the Lord. Looking toward the Ten Commandments gives us a reality check not only of our own wickedness and need for repentance, but it demonstrates to us that we CANNOT be God. We cannot bribe our way with petty good works into Heaven. We have to trust in Him, rely on Him, and pursue His Will.

WayneDawg said...

Thanks for stopping by Anonymous.

I think Joseph A. did a great job in response to your questions.

I would this Mr. Anon. - We all deserve to spend eternity in Hell. We have all sinned (broken every one of the Ten Commandments) and have fallen short of the glory of God. God's wrath will be poured out on all those who die in thier sins.

We have all sinned against a perfect and holy God who demands perfection from us. But you say no way; we can't keep the Commandments. This is true...none of us have - this is why we ALL deserve Hell.

But God is rich in His mercy and kindness.

God, clothed Himself in flesh and walked a perfect sinless life on Earth as Jesus Christ.

He willingly went to the cross and died there for your sins. My sins. The sins of the world. They buried Him in a tomb and three days later, God raised Him from the dead.

Why did He do this? So you could have forgiveness of sins and everlasting life in Heaven.

The Bible says to receive this forgiveness you must do two things:

You must repent of your sins and put your trust in Christ to save you from God's wrath on the day of wrath.

If you repent and trust, God will save you not because your a good person, but because your a bad person who has been forgiven.

You have broken God's Law and Jesus has paid your fine.

Repent and trust today before its too late.

Doorman-Priest said...

It is also inmortant to see how much of our civil and criminal law is based on them.

steve martin said...

Nice post!

No one can get past the 1st Commandment.

Every time you break a commandment, any one of them, you have broken the 1st one.

When you water down the commandments as is done regularly in the glory chruches with their 'biblical principles' (become more Christ-like baloney), you can fool yourself and others there, that you are doing a pretty fair job at this righteousness stuff.

The Ten Commandments stand there to condemn you every time. To crush you. To kill you.

But Christ loves fresh dirt. He loves to pull people out from the bottom of that grave.

- Steve martin