Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Use your own money

It could only happen in Washington.

The Oil Industry is upset by the proposed 2006 fiscal budget. Why? Well it seems like there's at least one item in the budget that is actually going to get the axe.

What is this line item in the budget that has the Oil Industry upset about? It's a research-and-development program that sets Americans back by $61 million bucks a year. That's right, we the tax payers, give the Oil Industry millions of dollars for research and development.

Let's pick an oil company, say Exxon, and see what just 1% of their profit was for last year;

Exxon reported a profit of $36 billion dollars for 2005. Just a measly 1% of the profit from this one oil company, would be $360 million dollars. That's almost enough money, from this one oil company, for (6) research-and-development programs that we the tax payers are giving the industry now.

But Mike Linn, chairman of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, said, "It doesn't make sense to have an Energy Department that doesn't have a portion of its mission directed to America's largest energy resources." Yes, you read that right. According to Mr. Linn, it doesn't make sense not to give the wealthiest companies in the world more money for their programs.

Talk about an entitlement program!

The White House Office of Management and Budget said, "Industry has the incentives and resources to do such R&D on its own."

Yes, yes it does. And so do a lot of other companies, States and localities. We need a real budget that keeps on cutting and gets us back to balanced budget. The liberals and RINO's in Washington do not know how to make a budget that is Constitutional.

A good read this morning on the supposed budget cuts comes from The Bean Patch. On his blog, Badbeans gives us plain straight talk on how a budget should work using a simple household budget as an example.


Badbeans said...

"It doesn't make sense to have an Energy Department that doesn't have a portion of its mission directed to America's largest energy resources."

I completely and wholeheartedly agree with the first part of that statement. It makes no sense to have an Energy Department. I can only think of about 5 cabinet level departments that are necessary and are legitimate under our Federal Constitution.

No tax dollars should be forwarded to any for-profit company unless it is in payment for goods or services rendered to the Federal government. Likewise for not-for-profits, which should be funded by charitible contributions freely given by the citizenry.

Revolution? I do not believe that the accessibility of high-powered arms are available to the people in order to even the odds and overpower those that are sworn to protect this nation, which is the root of the 2nd amendment. Those that hold and sway and power over the armed forces will not be where a true revolution will come.

Am I suggesting an act of treason? Am I suggesting attacking the government. Absolutely not. Peaceful means should be exhausted within our Constitutional bounds. However, our founders committed treason against England and risked life, health, family, and wealth for the freedoms that we are squandering today. Another blog column.

Jeremy said...

Hey WayneDawg. 1st off, thanks for posting on my blog. 2nd, I am an Atheist. I believe in no god nor do i care to believe in a god. As a scientist and rational thinker I absolutely know that there is no god or gods. I'm an Archaeologist by profession, you know, digging up human remains. This took years of University. I am also persuing a career to be a police officer. That is just to give you some backround. God and the church are there for people who cannot accept the fact that death is an inevitability. People want to live on, they do not want everything to just stop...that's it. I have accepted this and will not waste my time worshipping a false idol.

Jeremy said...
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Jeremy said...
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Jeremy said...

You make a good point WayneDawg, but I do not agree. Over humanities short existence as intelligent beings there has never been any evidence whatsoever of the existence of a god or gods. Some people take the bible as evidence but this is not valid. The bible was written to be a good work of fiction, not to be taken literally. If you look back at the history of organized religion you will see that they were used as cannons for war and destruction. For example, if everyone is christian then we all have a commonality. This can help people to unite against non-believers. Look at the crusades. So, yet again, I'm an Atheist and there is absolutely no god or gods.

WayneDawg said...

Like I said, the fallibility of the statement, ‘there is no God’, is illogical and categorically wrong, but to keep pointing out the obvious error in the statement is redundant.

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