Friday, March 19, 2010

Prisoner Alert

From Tony Miano at The Lawman Chronicles

I just received word that my friend and fellow evangelist, Shawn Holes is, at this moment, sitting in a Glascow, Scotland jail cell. His crime: he mentioned what the Bible says about homosexuality.

Here's what I know from very reliable sources:

Shawn is in Scotland with a group of European and American evangelists preaching the gospel. Earlier today, Shawn was preaching in the open-air to a crowd of people. According to accounts from other evangelists present, Shawn's presentation of his testimony and the gospel was loving and gracious. When Shawn finished preaching, a lady from the crowd asked, "What does the Bible say about homosexuality?"

Shawn answered the lady's question by turning to the Scriptures. The crowd began to argue that the Bible doesn't speak against homosexuality, even though Shawn tried to show them the passages in the Bible.

Police officers were present and listening to the preaching. When Shawn shared what the Bible says about homosexuality, a police officer told Shawn that he was offending people in the crowd and that he couldn't preach about homosexuality.

Standing not far from Shawn was a young man in the crowd who was smoking a marijuana joint, which is illegal to do in public, in Scotland. One of the evangelists made mention of it and a police officers responded by saying, "Well, that's just Glascow youth these days."

Shawn was arrested for offensive preaching. He will remain in custody until he goes before the court, tomorrow.

According to Lisa Holes, Shawn's wife, segments of the evangelical church in Scotland plan to be outside the courthouse in protest of Shawn's arrest and in support of our brother in chains.

Knowing Shawn as I do, I have no doubt he is boldly and loving preaching the gospel to other prisoners.

Pray for Shawn and his family as Shawn denies himself, takes up his cross, and follows Christ.

And for my American Christian brethren reading this post: what happened to Shawn today in Scotland will soon happen to Christians in the United States. Stand firm. Speak the truth in love. Proclaim the gospel, no matter what the cost.

The Holes Family leads Luke 10:2 Ministries. Please consider supporting their missionary work to proclaim the gospel around the world.


I believe Tony is right; it won't be long until this will happen here in the United States.

How much longer have we the freedom to openly preach the gospel? How much longer have we to openly read the Word of God on any public street? How much longer have we to be able to peacefully stand on a corner and hold a cross?

Time is short folks. Are you doing everything you can to reach people with the gospel? Hand out a tract today. Talk to the loved one who is lost. Share Christ with that co-worker is hell bound.

Prayers going up for Shawn and his family.


ExPatMatt said...

I am very surprised to hear that this happened in Scotland.

Not because they're particularly strong advocates of free speech, or because they're particularly tolerant of religious preaching... but because they're not traditionally strong supporters of homosexuality!

Very strange.

I hope that the court sees sense and releases this gentleman promptly and without charges. If he was preaching in a public space and was merely expressing his view - as guided by his religious beliefs - I don't think there's a case to be made against him.

A sad day for the Scottish indeed.


Wayne Dawg said...

Thanks Matt

Jonathan said...

even if he's not released immediately, i can't imagine the sentence being lengthy. besides, from the sound of it, he is likely trusting God for his circumstance. our first reaction is to have him immediately released, because we want justice, but God may have other plans. i see prison as an opportunity.

arlee bird said...

I have no doubt that we are going to see this come to the U.S. soon. Already we see so many churches adapting themselves to conform to popularly accepted belief. Eventually true believers in what the Bible really says will not only be persecuted by nonbelievers but we will be denied by those who gather under a false doctrine. We need to watch our own churches carefully.

Tracy said...

That is terrible. I will really be praying!

covnitkepr1 said...

I'll be praying as well.

A queer is still a queer no matter what nice names they want to wear (gay)(signifiant other). And God is not partial...He'll send them all to hell unless we are willing to share in love and truth as Shawn was willing to do.

God bless him and his family in this time of stress.

Wayne Dawg said...
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Wayne Dawg said...

I agree with you Jonathan; God has plans to use Shawn no matter where he is.

I always tell folks; where ever you are, there is your mission field.

God was not taken by surprise when Shawn was arrested and put in jail. God has him exactly where he wants him.

Wayne Dawg said...

We all deserve hell for sinning against a holy a just God.

Thank you Father for sending someone to me to preach the gospel and awaken me from the dead.

Thank you for opening my eyes and letting me see the evil man that I am.

Thank you for giving me the faith to repent of my sins and put my trust in Christ to save me from your wrath.

Praise you Father!

ExPatMatt said...

I see that Shawn pleaded guilty in order to get away with just a fine (though it was more than he anticipated).

What are your thoughts on this? Did he make the right decision? Should he have made a stand against this egregious infringement on his rights? Did he take the easy way out?