Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spurgeon moment -

When you are in good health any form of religion may satisfy, but a dying soul wants more than sand to rest upon. You will want the Rock of Ages. Then let me assure you, that in light of the grave, all confidence, except confidence in the blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ, is a clear delusion.


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Steve Martin said...

Amen, Wayne!

My pastor always says that a sermon, or a hymn, isn't worth much unless it is the kind that can be heard upon someone's deathbed.

What would someone do (who is dying)with a sermon that spurs them on to become a better Christian?

Nothing. That's what.

But a sermon that tells them that God knows their failures, yet He forgives them, and ppromises them new there is 'authentic life' in that Word of promise.