Friday, June 06, 2008

Gone to the beach!

Yes...that chair has my name on it.

The Dawg family will be at the beach for the next week. No voice news (if I can stand it) worries.

It time for some R & R on a East Coast beach.

I look forward each year to this time of getting away and treating the family to a well deserved stress reduction program. Program includes, but is not limited to, doing a lot of nothing.

Don't fear...I will be taking lots of Gospel tracts to hand out and hopefully will be engaging in some life changing conversations. Witnessing never takes a vacation!

See you next week!!


Doorman-Priest said...

"If I can stand it."

If I can stand it?

What's the matter with you man? That could be my life.

steve martin said...

Have a nice vacation!Give Christ away whenever you can...with no strings attached!
But don't forget to realx a need it. We all need it.

- Steve Martin

chris Kratzer said...

Enjoy the beach. I'm jealous.