Tuesday, March 25, 2008

False-Conversions Worse Than Less Conversions

False-Conversions Worse Than Less Conversions

Quoting James White . . .

The thing that people should biblically fear more than a lack of conversions is the existence of false-conversions, because there is nothing more difficult to deal with than a religious hypocrite.

And when we, by our [church] programs, and our lack of patience, and our lack of a biblically balanced understanding of ministry, create the whetted unregenerate, we are going to answer for that.


Roland said...

Sounds like Jesus' reprimand to the Pharisees.
They lacked patience, had programs and ideals that were ridiculous to follow, lacked and understanding of God, and created twice damned proselytes of hell.

Sad thing is, that even though you are looking at extremely liberal churches, I am looking at extremely conservative ones.

Good point.

Joseph A. said...

What's wrong with the "conservative" churches? Just curious.