Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pray for India's Christians

2007 was the most violent ever for Christians in India. More than 1000 attacks were recorded against Christians in the dominantly Hindu country in 2007. The records show that between 1950 and 1998 there were only 50 recorded attacks against Christians. 100 attacks recorded in the year 2000. Between 2001 and 2006 there were 328 attacks. More attacks in 2007 than the previous 57 years combined.

I heard an Indian missionary back in December talking about all the targeted violence against Christians in his homeland and he said something that would take most Christians here in the USA by surprise. He said that because of the persecution, the Gospel of Christ was spreading like never before in the history of the country. This missionary's prayers were not that the persecution would stop, but rather that God would be glorified through the persecution that was taking place (He will). Its almost a type of oxymoron isn't it? That through the persecution and martyring of Christians, the spread of the Gospel would greatly increase throughout the country.

Is this biblical? You bet it is. Pick up the Book of Acts and see how the early church exploded in growth due the the scattering and persecution of new believers.

We must be continually in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ living in these persecuted nations and pray that they have the strength to withstand the enemy and stand boldly for Christ. Also pray that they continue to boldly share the faith and bring more sheep to the Shepherd.


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Timm said...

Amen brother. It's funny how Christians in America have no idea how bad it is in the rest of the Country. Something like 95% of Americans claim to be Christians. I wonder how many would still claim it with a real threat of persecution.

WayneDawg said...

True Timm - I would say that the true church of Christians would dwindle down considerably if faced with real persecution.