Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New additions to the family

A funny thing happened on the way out of the bathroom this morning.

My wife was standing in the doorway and spoke these words, “I need to tell you something and I was debating on when and how to tell you.” I immediately fixated my mind on the fact that we were going to have a new addition to the family. “You’re pregnant?” I cautiously asked? “No, I’m not. Someone was and isn’t anymore” she said. Of course after that statement my mind was going in many directions trying to figure out the riddle of the hour. The 7am hour.

My wife finally gave me the answer and my first suspicion was correct. We WERE going to have an addition to the family, but it was going to be in the form of litter, a gaggle, a pack, whatever they call them, of six, yes six brand new baby gerbils.

Last week my six year old wanted a pet. We all agreed that a gerbil would be the best pet for the household. My wife picked up a couple of female gerbils, a cool hut with a tube that led to an above condo, a couple balls for them to run in and all the necessary gerbil accessories to make life pleasant in my sons room. When my wife picked up the gerbils she inquired of Mr. Gerbil supplier why the tan one was so much bigger than the black one. He told her that it was because the tan one (Sugar) was a little bit older and had a stocky frame. Or, he quickly added, she may be pregnant. Of course this tiny bit of information was withheld from me until this morning when the “I need to tell you something……” declaration was issued. My wife told me that Mr. Gerbil supplier went on to add that if Sugar was indeed pregnant, then he would work something out with her.

Mr. Gerbil supplier is about to be the owner of six baby gerbils. That’s how something is going to be worked out. I know... I know…..all you animal lovers out there; don’t worry. The babes can stay with mommy until they are weaned before I make Mr. Gerbil supplier take back what we didn’t pay for.

When my 6 year old found out from his mother that we now had six baby gerbils, he immediately answered with, “I told you this was going to happen if we got two of them.”

Stay tuned……….


QuakerDave said...

Congrats, Dad.

When we were kids, my sister bought two gerbils, which, according to our rodent pusher, were both females.

Guess what happened?

WayneDawg said...

Maybe it’s a conspiracy that’s been going on for some time. Mr. Gerbil supplier said that he would trade us gerbil accessories for the babies.

Wadical said...

Same thing happened with our flying squirrels. One minute we had one...next...we had THREE. "HE" was a "SHE" and "SHE" had two more in the oven.

Hope said...

Too cute. My daughter did it with rabbits. You can guess the end.

Susan Schulz said...

Hey Wayne,
I love this story, especially your daughter's wisdom. I have enjoyed scanning your blog. I need to figure out how to add all the extra stuff you have by taking the time to play with this more.

Thanks for your comments and adding me to your recommended blog. This is fun. My next step is to e-mail my address book so they can start visiting my site. Thanks again for encouraging me to start this.