Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One law at a time........

From Citizen Magazine........

You wouldn't know it from reading mainstream magazines, but the abortion rate in the United States has been falling for a dozen years, thanks in part to “incremental” restrictions—parental notification and consent, a woman's right to know, waiting periods, abortion clinic regulations, fetal pain measures and numerous other laws in dozens of states

And those laws may be hastening the day when Roe v. Wade —the infamous 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision effectively legalizing abortion on demand—vanishes like a bad dream.

“It's nice to think about going for the home run, but it's much more effective to get the base hit,” said Peter Samuelson, president and general counsel of Americans United for Life (AUL). “We're convinced that it's the fastest way to get to the place of overturning Roe and eliminating abortion altogether.”

Mississippi has passed 15 pro-life laws in the past 13 years and has enjoyed a nearly 60 percent decrease in abortions, according to AUL.

“Some of us in Mississippi decided several years ago that if we could move the ball down the field and first get it into the red zone, we have made a significant accomplishment,” State Sen. Patrick Alan Nunnelee, a frequent sponsor of such initiatives, told Citizen . “In Mississippi I think we have put the ball inside the 10-yard line, and the goal line is in sight.”
If you don't believe the abortion lobby is on the run, just listen to the wails according to figures from the Alan Guttmatcher Institute (an authoritative source of abortion data):

• Abortions as a whole across America declining more than 28 percent since their peak in 1980.

• A “huge decrease”—about a third—in the number of clinics, hospitals and private physicians who perform abortions.

• The vanishing abortionist: A growing majority of doctors who provide abortion are 50 and older.

• Mississippi and South Dakota are down to one abortion clinic each. Providers like Planned Parenthood in some cases have resorted to flying doctors in from other states, as fewer and fewer doctors are willing to perform the brutal procedure.

Pro-lifers say over the 33 years since Roe , two growing realizations—evidence for the personhood of the unborn baby and the long-term harm to the post-abortive mother—have been changing minds, as evidenced by trends in public opinion polls toward the pro-life position. And the growing body of pro-life legislation has been changing behavior.

Thank God that the tide is starting to turn more dramatically; even if it's not widely reported. It's up to the individual states to tighten the noose on this so called 'freedom of chioce'.

It is estimated that over 46 million babies have been murdered since Roe. Is this a number that one can really comprehend? That's a whole generation of humans who never had a chance to live their lives. And they are humans aren't they?

The biggest contributor to this culture of death is Planned Parenthood. According to the National Right to Life's fact sheet, Planned Parenthood is the nation's leading abortion performer and promoter. An actual Planned Parenthood advertisement from the same fact sheet says, "Babies are loud, smelly and expensive. Unless you want one." Rush Limbaugh has always said something like this; "If you want to find out the true motives of anyone, follow the money trail." According to the fact sheet, in 2002, Planned Parenthood took in more than $79 million dollars from abortion procedures. That represents about 1/3 of their total revenue from 2002. Abortion is big business. If the average cost of an abortion is $400, and there are approximately 1.3 million performed each year, then revenues from abortion are toppling over a half a billion dollars.

Still, sadly, few are genuinely outraged.

More folks get upset when a snail darter is threatened in a small creek. The list of endangered species in this country is ever increasing. You can be punished severely for harming any creature on that list. The same liberals who protect these species are the same ones who want ensure that humans can kill their own.

I remember the outrage and emotion that followed the space shuttle Columbia re-entry accident. Yes, the accident was a tragedy. Seven astronauts lost their lives doing what they loved to do. Imagine a shuttle accident happening over 3800 times a day. Would the public get so used to these accidents that no one even paid attention to them anymore? Well that’s exactly what’s happened in this country regarding abortion. The public has become so accustomed to abortion as normal, that they turn a blind eye away from the fact that over 3800 babies are sacrificed on the alter of ‘pro-choice’ each day.

It does not have to continue. Roe must be overturned.

Join the National Right to Life and support them financially if you can. The republicans can no longer be trusted to end this travesty. Join a real Conservative party and vote. And I specifically mean the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party is the only political party out there that still cares for life in the womb.


Badbeans said...

After reading your post and being aware of QD's post on the "sanctity of life", in which he laments that people who are pro-life should stop being hypocritical and begin caring about the children of Darfur and people with Alzheimers and Parkinsons, I have came to a solution, using QD's logic of course, that would put and end to the strife over abortion.

We should send the abortion doctors on a humanitarian trip to Darfur. While there, they can perform post-term abortions on the children of Darfur, ending their misery, and harvest their stem-cells to benefit the Alheimers people. This should apease the short-sighted pro-life lobby, since abortion would cease in the U.S., and this should apease the much more enlightened pro-abortion lobby, since abortion would still be practiced, and in a much more humanitarian way. Furthermore, aborting the children of Darfur would be more fulfilling of Margaret Sanger's dream.

Just a thought.

WayneDawg said...

Nice sarcasm Beans; I miss your blog terribly.